UQABS Group of Industries is working with the manufacturing and export of Hairdressing Scissors which are used by professional with the variety of models and good prices, dealt by Bladzor and UQABS Shears where IGLOO is dealing manicure products mostly used by females world wide and on the other hand ART SURGICAL is dealing Surgical Instrument and INVENTIVE  is dealing in Dental Instruments.

UQABS Group established in 2005 by its expertise in manufacturing and exporting its products worldwide and proving its high quality standards to its user with confidence and honesty.

Now UQABS has become a Group which holds 4 more companies under its umbrella which are BLADZOR, IGLOO, ART SURGICAL and INVENTIVE


Bladzor is manufacturing and dealing Barber Shears which are used for Hair dressing in Saloons by professionals.


IGLOO is manufacturing and dealing with the manicure instruments like nail cutters, nail files, beauty kits and other alike Items.


ART SURGICAL is manufacturing Surgical Instruments for Hospitals and clinics.


INVENTIVE is manufacturing Dental Instruments for Dentists

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